Twerk your way to freedom. 

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The things they don't tell you about going to university (college, for all you American lovelies):


Youwillbe catapulted out of your comfort zone at least once a month.

You might not like who you’re living with for the first year…but then, they may just become your best friend.

You’ll tell people things about yourself, in the first few months, that some of your closest friends in the world…

why they are always after our computers…

why they are always after our computers…

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"Diamonds" - Rihanna (Alex Goot, Julia Sheer, Chad Sugg COVER) (by gootmusic)

sleep kitty = happy kitty

sleep kitty = happy kitty

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see you in June!

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In college, when anyone talked about getting jobs after graduation

true story.

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i was told not to frape hana, but she didn’t say anything about tumblr.

Katie is amazing. that is all.


You’re like a net ninja! :D

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